Week 5

Football Week 5

Football Week 5

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First Name (State Abbreviation)

Thursday October 3rd

G1 - Thursday Night Football 8:20pm EST

Sunday October 6th

G2 - 1:00pm EST
G3- 1:00pm EST
G4- 1:00pm EST (In London, England)
G5- 1:00pm EST
G6- 1:00pm EST
G7- 1:00pm EST
G8- 1:00pm EST
G9- 1:00pm EST
G10- 1:00pm EST
G11- 1:00pm EST

G12 - 4:05pm EST
G13 - 4:25pm EST

G14 - Sunday Night Football 8:20pm EST

Monday October 7th

G15 - Monday Night Football 8:15pm EST

Combined Score of Final Game

Teams on a Bye