Featured WAM Member


Luke M. Vaillancourt, Salisbury Member and Corporator

To say Luke M. Vaillancourt is passionate about the Worcester Art Museum is no exaggeration—it’s a fact. When this WAM member, and now a Museum corporator, speaks about it he uses words like “gem” and “world-class.” You could say he is downright smitten.

Although Vaillancourt hails from a family immersed in the arts, he recalls his parents “dragging him kicking and screaming” as a child to art museums throughout the world. “I guess I was too young to appreciate all I was seeing,” he says. “Now that I’m older, art has become a real passion for me.”

When Vaillancourt completed his Master’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007, he returned home to Central Massachusetts and joined the Museum. He attended the Third Thursday After-Hours events, which provided “an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people in a sophisticated setting.” He was hooked.

Soon Vaillancourt was asked to serve a recently completed six-year term on the WAM Members Council, eventually chairing the after-hours programming committee. Now a Museum Corporator, he is involved in planning the Corporators Ball for June 13, 2015. “Our goal is to create a premier fundraising gala, similar to the Met Ball, which will be the social event of the Central Massachusetts area,” he says.

Vaillancourt is the director of digital marketing for Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, a 30-year-old family business, which creates high-quality chalkware Santas and other figures. And if that isn’t enough, he also oversees his two start-up businesses, WorcesterScene.com and WorcesterFoodies, which focus on promoting the growing restaurant, bars and arts scene in the city. “My involvement with the hospitality industry and the arts is all for the betterment of Worcester,” Vaillancourt explains. “As a Museum member, I am thrilled to see how WAM seamlessly involves itself in the cultural and social growth of this city. I’m proud to promote the Museum.”

While attending Worcester Academy, Vaillancourt took computer classes at the Worcester Art Museum. Now, as a gift for Mother’s Day, he and his mother, artist Judi Vaillancourt, enjoy taking classes together. “These classes are a great way to bond with my mom and expand our art skills,” he says. “We really enjoy our studio time together with our instructors. It’s a great benefit to have that opportunity to learn. WAM is a real treasure.”

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