Vaillancourt Et Cetera

Sutton, MA — Artist and designer Judi Vaillancourt of Vaillancourt Folk Art introduced the company’s new line of home décor and giftware at the studio’s silver anniversary event last week. Joined by co-designer Luke Vaillancourt, Judi unveiled “Vaillancourt Et Cetera” that incorporates her work into canvas prints, Christmas dinnerware and gift items such as Knickerbocker wooden tribute boxes.

Luke M. Vaillancourt, director of digital marketing for the operation, says he has brought another, very different aesthetic to the company.

“I realized that my friends in their 30s would not be as inclined to buy something for their homes from us,” he said. “Their taste has been influenced by different concepts and retailers — IKEA or Crate & Barrel, for instance. I wanted to help develop a line that incorporated Judi’s artwork and appeal to “the next generation.” What we’ve come up with is this home décor and giftware line that we are calling Vaillancourt Et Cetera.”

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