Hot Shots: Gen Y, flying high

Under-30s are using technology to full advantage in their quest for a place in the new American economy. Enter the “Gen Y” set, a new type of entrepreneur defined to a large extent by the modern gadgets with which they are building businesses of every kind imaginable.

Take Luke Vaillancourt, for instance. Son of Gay and Judi Vaillancourt, whose folk art enterprise in the Manchaug Mills building in Sutton is world-renowned and thus an entrepreneurial success story in its own right, Luke, just 25, recently launched a website,, that captures his passion for the city of Worcester.

The younger Vaillancourt is a graduate of Worcester Academy and Rochester Institute of Technology. He turned down a job as a “digital asset coordinator” for Victoria’s Secret in New York City (“all of my friends hate me for it,” he says), opting instead to work for his parents in their store as “director of digital marketing.” In this capacity, he constructed Vaillancourt Folk Art’s new web site…. Read Full Article [PDF]