You are Better Than the Rest.


The past month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the unemployment rate was at 4.9%. There are several sites out there that play matchmaker for the unemployed, like the popular who boasts hundreds of thousands of jobs, but recently a new site has come into the playing field; the Maserati of job finders, The Ladders. The site is intended only for upper-management positions that start at a base salary of $100k+. What if you make less? Then you will be bounced to sites like

In addition to being a employee finder, it also provides some interesting reports on high-level jobs in most major cities (see Boston below). While the site may have some problems weeding out people that think they deserve $100k, rather than those who actually do, the theory is great for those who do fit into that salary range.

If only The Ladders built-in a “head-hunter” prize, like who gives you money every time one of your friend interviews–a percentage of their worth.