Well, I could always make car commercials.

After watching the Colts on Monday Night Football—more specifically, sitting through 90 seconds of torturous commercials–I had an epiphany: no matter how bad things get, I could always create local(global term here, my region isn’t the only “local” blunder) car dealership commercials. I never understood, and still don’t, why car commercials are made the way they are, I’m not talking about national ad campaigns, but local commercials…. it is very rare that a local dealership does something creative, or even aesthetically pleasing (save, Clay).

The problem does not lie within the ad agencies either—after working a year at my old agency, I constantly saw the struggle to break dealerships away from “starbursts”, midget porn soundtracks, and PowerPoint animations. The above result—and I will admit, after taking an animation class at RIT’s School of Design, it is not easy or cheap to create—is a classic example of what makes me drink.