I recently was invited to partake in a Beta launch of Google’s newest acquisition GrandCentral. The product allows you to take several of your phone numbers, and route them to 1 phone….beyond that, however, is its on-line interface that allows you to screen calls easier, be alerted by SMS and Email when you have a message, listen to and download your voice messages online, and even make calls from the web site—this is currently how I am filter freelance phone calls.

The perfect thing about this product is the fact that you are able to, from the web interface, see a detailed listing of your messages, who they are from, how long they are, and able to click to listen to them or download them as an MP3. In my opinion, this is truly going to be the future of telephone services. We currently have a flavor of it with apple’s iPhone messages, but in the years to come, we will certainly be able to go one step further.

Thoughts? Is this good or bad?