Apple makes Black the new White.


In 2001 Apple Computer redesigned it’s website to the slick white and “beveled” buttons to match the modern look of the “i”-generation. Well, with the introduction of black powerbooks, black iPods, and new hardware and software, Apple (no longer “Apple Computer”) has launched it’s newly designed web site. Now, Apple’s brand is changing slightly, yet still maintains it’s “appleness.” The new web site signifies the steps that Apple has taken over the past couple of months; the new OS (Leopard), AppleTV (and it’s partnership with YouTube), the iPhone (and its Web 2.0 application ability), Safari 3 (for PC and Mac).

Now that Leopard is near release and that AppleTV is going to be able to broadcast YouTube video’s, we have seen the line between TV and Computer blurred even further. Good-bye ‘WebTV’-stereotypes and hello to the future of collaboration, globalization, mobilization, and apple-ization.