Future of Online Advertising


Just got back from NYC where I was fortunate to be involved with CarsonSystem‘s first Future of Online Advertising conference…and what a show! This two day conference featured some amazing speakers; which included, but certainly was not limited to, Greg Stuart of IAB, Ron Belanger of Yahoo!, Kim Malone of Google, Chas Edwards of Feedburner, Henry Copeland of Blogads, Jim Coudal of The Deck, Chan Suh of Agency.com, Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove, Heather Luttrell of Indieclick, Carla Hendra of Ogilvy, Drew Schutte of Wired, Joel Greenberg of Electric Sheep, and Jed Naham of Microsoft. What a line up.

While there were some notable technologies mentioned, such as VideoClick and Microsoft’s AdLab, the predominant topics of the conference dealt with advertising within blogs, RSS feeds, and video, how CTR/CPC will change dramatically, and how we will see a degree of product placement with on demand videos. To see a summary of the conference check out the FOOA blog here. The presentations will be available soon on the web site…and if you can, you should certainly purchase their conference in a box once it is available.

Erick Schonfeld of Business 2.0 has a great summary of his panel discussion here.