Ask this, Google.


While there is so much hype with Google, rightfully so, one of my favorite search engines has made some changes that are pretty amazing. When I was in high school, (Ask Jeeves) was my favorite search engine because I would always phrase my searches as questions and Jeeves would—most of the time—answer the question.

MediaPost had a great article on Ask3D’s Instant Gettification. I am impressed, and might choose to use Ask again almost as much as Google. As you can see from the screenshot above, my quick search for Radiohead (a great band) not only found some quality sites on the band, but showed some narrowed down searches (lyrics, discography, etc), related bands, but also had 6 images of the band, an integration with iLike (which has recently created a Facebook application as well) to preview Radiohead MP3s, a Wikipedia description of the band, and also video. All on the front page.

This is the first time that I’ve wished Google did something another search engine could do. I hope, for’s sake, they are able to regain some of the search engine market back because this is a great improvement.