Put Down the Phone and Come To Bed


Well, we all knew that sooner or later the usage of text messaging (SMS) would stretch far beyond the happy little fingers of highschoolers. Over the past few years the numbers of users and overall text messages sent has skyrocketed. According to mocoNews, the thirty-something crowd is quickly catching up to the youth (aged 18 – 24 that are responsible for a majority of SMS and MMS messages). Some findings show that American users send an average of two messages a day, and that 28% of American users have text messaging plans or allowances. mocoNews also cites LogicaCMG’s prediction that “North American SMS volume growth could grow by as much as 50% in 2007.

Why? Because we are finding more uses for text messaging. Although it comes in handy to send a quick message when avoiding long-winded people, or sending a message to find a friend at a loud and crowded nightclub, there are lots of interesting usages emerging. For example, Ladytimer has announced a menstrual cycle calendar service for women wanting to keep track of their most fertile days [here]. I suppose that is the best excuse to put down that cell phone.