You 2.0

Prompted by a blog posting by Maria at Bizucate and an e-mail from Adam at InfoTrends, Web 2.0 got a littler clearer in my mind. I have a problem when things are renamed, and not updated, and passed off as a new product. This holds true to Web 2.0. The premise behind this new “web” is that content and design are no longer dependent on each other. While there are some technological changes, e.g. updated web browsers and languages like AJAX, the whole premise behind Web 2.0 is the sharing, and collaboration, of content. The change is not with the technology (give or take) showing the message, but instead the change is with you. That’s right, you are the one that will now be in control of added, modifying, sharing, and determining the relevance and interrelationships with content. The future of the Internet is driven by the willingness of the new you to be able to function as a collaborator.

Time magazine chose you as the person of the year. Never have they been so right, after all, you reinvented the Internet.

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