Sex Sells

As a twenty-three year old male having been raised through a time of Shock Jocks, RealityTV, news cameras attached to tanks during war time, and Girls Gone Wild, I should not be shocked by anything. As I studied Advertising and Visual Rhetoric one of the most thrown around terms is “sex sells.” Certainly my demographic is most likely to be guilty of falling for this, but as a steak-loving capitalist, I never thought that I would find myself sitting through a 6-minute PETA video voluntarily. The catch? A cute PETA brunette giving the organization’s annual speech while getting completely naked—all while mocking the State of the Union Address by cross-edited clips of Congress into the speech.

Shameless? Does this dilute PETA’s image? Or is that out-weighed by people like me that sat through the entire video that never would have before.


Because of it’s graphic nature, I won’t provide the actual video, but you can view it here: